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Welcome to the new KyTronik !

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First post and first news: After 4 years of good services, it was time for our vintage E-commerce site to be re-vamped. Hope you like the new look, mobile friendly too !

Second, but certainly biggest evolution, we have joined forces with AF Scooter Parts in order to extend our offering to premium mechanical parts !

Together with AF Scooter Parts, now a KyTronik brand, we make use of our complementary skills to offer unique electronic and mechanical parts that will enrich your scootering experience.
First parts to hit volume will be a CNC Caliper Carrier for high-performance braking system. Not only does it look stunning, it has also been race track proven ! With four different variants, you should be able to find one that fit your need. And the best of it: this is only the top of the iceberg ! We came up with a complete roadmap of exciting new and innovative products - Visit us frequently !
And for those eagerly waiting for a programmable Smart Booster (so called vCDI), be assured that it is not ruled out. The new KyTronik will offer the coolest parts you can think of !
The new shop has several products in pre-order. They should actually reach our warehouse in July. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions !

Tuning keeps you alive, do it !

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