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AFP Bearing Tool Kit - Changing your fork's bearings without any sweat !

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When you feel some play in the fork while braking or simply driving, it could be the bearings are worn-out or  damaged. Alternatively, when restoring a scooter, it is always recommended to change them. In the past, it was often a stressful situation to properly mount fork's bearings without a tool. With Bearing Tool Kit, changing your fork's bearings could not be simpler !

The precisely machined bushes will ensure optimal positioning and centering of each bearings, as originally mounted in Piaggio's factory.

The bushes are made of POM (Polyoxymethylene). This material is strong enough to ensure perfect guiding of the bearings while soft enough to prevent any structural damages. Perfect fit for tools !

BTK also includes 2x HK2212 bearings (ABEC3 high grade).

Compatible with most popular Piaggio fork with disk or drum brake system: PX (>1982), T5, Cosa, PK, Gilera Fuoco, Hexagon, MP3, Sfera, SKR, Quartz, Zip SP, ET2, ET4, GT125, GTL, GTS125, GTV, LX, LXV

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