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  • $150.00

Improve your brake cooling with AFP AeroWheel !

Inspired by the vintage BBS® system, the Aero Wheel create a air flow through the rim to refresh your disc or hub, and improve the braking efficiency.

Add to that, you have a vintage racing style that is for sure an eye catcher !

The AeroWheel can be held in place with Rislan®, or also using Piaggio clips (OEM 233194 - 245787) on PK/PX/T5. Both fixtures have been validated on the road as well as in endurance races.


Please note that this product is 3D-printed. Minor surface defects can be soften using fine-grain sandpaper (600/800). Alternatively, acetone can also be used. In case of damage, it can be easily fixed using standard "super-glue".


Stickers are not provided. Clips are not provided.

Sitckers source file are available free of charge, here !


Production on demand - 1 to 2 weeks leadtime.

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