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New Spark Magnifier 2016 plastic case - Nice !!!!

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Spark Magnifier is back in 2016, and it is sexyyyyyyyyyyy !

Probably the nicest and highest quality case we had so far at KyTronik - This will become our quality standard !

Of course, one could argue that what really matters is what it is inside - Which is true, especially for an electronic device. On the other hand, a bit of beauty does not hurt, especially for our lovely scooters !

We are currently potting the circuit: this process is about encapsulating the electronic under high-reliability (automotive rated) epoxy. Once hardened, the module will be fully protected from vibration, dust and humidity.

You can already pre-order the module in our webshop and take advantage of a 10% discount with the voucher: PRE-ORDER-SPECIAL-SM2016 


New Spark Magnifier 2016New Spark Magnifier 2016

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