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KyTronik Spark Magnifier effect quantified !

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This video is not new, but still 100% relevant ! It helps to better understand the multiple benefits of Spark Magnifier 2016 !

It is a known issue that standard ignition does not provide enough juice at idle and low-RPM; this is normal for CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition), as the energy of the spark is a variable of the engine RPM. Engine could be difficult to start, could "smoke" too much at idle and also have hesitation when pulling-off.

With Spark Magnifier (guess what it does... ?!), the high-voltage at the spark plug is increased, meaning the mixture will be ignited in a more homogeneous way. It won't burn faster, this you don't change, but it will burn more "completely", hence increasing efficiency and engine response at low-RPM, also making the engine feeling more "linear" over the full RPM range.

Without SM, the spark is measured around 20kV (kilo Volts or 20'000V); with the SM, the spark voltage gets a nice increase to 28kV ! Don't put your tongue !
(We are using a Spark ignition tester from Thexton)

Simple and effective, it does what it says: Try it out ! :)

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