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Smart Booster2016 powered LML !

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After a bit of idling on our Blog, here are some good news for LML users !

Simon B got in touch with us some weeks ago to ask if the Smart Booster2016 would work on LML with seperated CDI and discharge coil (the most standard ignition type for LML).

The most complicated things that usually turns down people from trying, is simply that LML and Ducati connectors are different. After 10 minutes preparing cable adapters, Simon connected them "logically" as follow:

  • Green, white, red from stator to Smart Booster's green, white, red "input" terminals
  • Green, white, red from Smart Booster cables to CDI green, white, red terminals

We also advise people to get a PiFi (pickup filter) because in some cases it helps cleaning up the signal traveling far away from the stator. In Simon's case, he did not need !

 Another 15 minutes later, after adjusting the stator static position and selecting curve 7 (now updated and running curve 6), Simon could enjoy all the benefit of variable ignition timing: More power, more torque and cooler engine, translating into higher RPM (over-rev) and hence higher speed !

i got my kytronic 2016 booster wired in today on my vespa lml which runs a swiss made cdi and separate swiss coil . its absolutely fantastic. no problems what so ever. smoother running , vast improvement on pulling power and revs freely. currently set on 24 deg with program 7. 166 ported , reed, 28mm , jl, 1600g sip fly wheel. beautiful. thank you so much for a neat bit of kit.

Simon also shared with us an important finding regarding CDI grounding for LML in general: before mounting the Smart Booster, his scooter previously was suffering misfire above 5000RPM. After connecting the CDI ground to the scooter battery "minus" (ground), this issue was resolved ! Basically, the ground connection through the frame between stator and CDI was not good enough - a direct cable between CDI and stator solved it.

Thanks Simon for sharing !

In 3rd gear, WOT:

in 3rd gear


Trying with self-made cable adapters. Simon will now optimize that !

checking with longer cable

The beast:

Almost looking original :)

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