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Air-Scoop for TOURER Caliper Carrier

AF Parts

  • $39.00 USD

Hard Braker needs air-flow !!!

  • Cool down your brake disk as well as your 4-pistons caliper !
  • Effectiveness and robustness proven on a daily basis as well as on race tracks !
  • First prototype won 10 hours Endurance Challenge Scootentole race in Magny-Cours in 2015 (finished 4th in 2016 !)
  • Stunning racing look !


Designed to be mounted on AFP caliper carrier TOURER edition together with a Stage6 Caliper. Other calipers might require some rework.


Product reference: AFP-0006T: PX/PK/LML (only for AFP-0005B and AFP-0005G)


3D printed, 100% infill material. Black color only.

For everyday use, we suggest you spray/paint it with some "hardener varnish".

Minor surface defects can be soften using fine-grain sandpaper (600/800). Alternatively, acetone can also be used. In case of damage, it can be easily fixed using standard "super-glue".


Included: M8x70 screw, spacer, shim


Easy to mount, see below (AFP-0006L):


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